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FAQs Speed dating and Party for singles


Q: How does speed dating work?
A: At our speed dating event, you'll receive a match card with all the other singles' names. The ladies will have a fixed seat, while the men will rotate tables every round. Each round lasts for 4 minutes, and you'll have the chance to meet 10 different singles. If you feel a connection with someone during your 4 minutes together, you can mark their name on your match card. After the speed dating, you can keep mingling at the party and add more names to your match card. Before you leave, drop your match card in the box at the entrance so we can match you up with anyone you have a great connection with. You'll receive your matches via email within roughly 3 business days (weekends unwind) after the event. It's now up to you to take the next step!

Q: What is the age range for SATURDATES attendees?
A: For the SATURDATES X Happn edition at 24th of February :
Speed dating for 25 till 40 years old.
Diner & Singles Only Party 25 till 40 years old.

Q: Can attendees choose their age group for speed dating?
A: No, attendees cannot choose their specific age group for speed dating.
The age range is predetermined, and all attendees must fall within the range of 25 to 40 years old for the SATURDATES X Happn Speeddate edition at the 24th of Februay .

Q: How does SATURDATES ensure that attendees are within the correct age range?
A: SATURDATES verifies the age of attendees through ID checks at the event to ensure that all attendees are within the specified age range.

Q: What happens if attendance does not fall within the age range?
A: Attendees who do not fall within the age range will not be allowed to attend the event and will not receive a refund.

Q: When will I know the results of my speed date matches?
A: Get ready for the excitement! In roughly 3 business days (weekends unwind), your inbox will light up with an email introducing you to your speed date matches. Names and email addresses are your keys to sparking those connections.

Q: Can I attend the party without participating in speed dating?
A: Yes, you can purchase a party-only ticket and join the fun after the speed dating part of the event. However, if you have purchased a speed dating + party ticket, and you are not selected for the speed dating part of the event, you will not be able to attend the party with that ticket. Instead, you will be selected for the next SATURDATES event within the upcoming 3 editions. It is important to note that the speed dating + party ticket is only valid for the party if you are selected to participate in the speed dating portion of the event. There are separate party-only tickets available. If these are sold out, it means that we have unfortunately reached capacity for the party.

Q: Is there a registration process for the speed dating event?
A: Yes, we have a registration process in place to balance the number of men and women attendees. After purchasing your ticket, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions and a link for the official registration. This is a mandatory part of the selection. Three days or less before the event, we'll send you an email to let you know if you've been selected to participate in speed dating. If you're not selected, you'll be invited to use your ticket for the next speed dating event or any of the SATURDATES events within the next three months. If you are selected, you'll receive all the necessary details to prepare for speed dating and party.


  •   Languages: Dutch & English  
  •   Dress Code: Classy-Chic (Stylish trainers ok? Of course!)
  •   Location: Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost
  •   Flirty beats by DJ & MC Smash en Aries (Pop, Urban, House, Afro)
  •   Age Range Speeddate: 25-40 years

 Mandatory Requirements: Entrance Ticket - Physical ID