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Embracing the meltin pot: AIC's guide to participate events

Welcome to the AIC community!

We take pride in fostering a diverse and vibrant community where all members feel valued, respected, and safe. When you join our events, you will meet people from various ages, countries, and cultures. For all our events, we are committed to creating a pleasant environment of happiness, fun, positivity, and also respect, inclusion, and coexistence. Please keep this in mind when you decide to join any AIC event.

At AIC, we believe in the power of diversity as a cornerstone for enriching our experiences and perspectives. We value and celebrate cultural, ethnic, gender, religious, sexual orientation, and all other differences that make each person unique. We recognize that respect and inclusion are crucial in building a strong and cohesive community.

Approaching Fellow Members at Events:

In our events, we encourage a friendly and respectful approach towards interaction. Here are some guidelines to consider:

- Smile and Be Kind: A smile is a universal welcome. Approach fellow members with a friendly demeanor.

- Respect Personal Boundaries: While we encourage interactions, it’s important to respect personal space and boundaries. If someone does not seem interested in continuing a conversation, kindly acknowledge their preference and feel free to interact with other participants.

- No Harassment: Do not pursue members who are not interested in further communication. This includes post-event contact through WhatsApp or other platforms. Respect their decision and privacy.

Community Guidelines of Coexistence:

All members of AIC, including our organizers, volunteers, and event attendees, are expected to adhere to these guidelines:

- Be Kind and Friendly: Join our events with a good mood and a positive attitude.

- Mutual Respect: Treat all members with kindness, respect, and consideration, regardless of their background. Avoid offensive or discriminatory comments or behaviors.

- Inclusion: Ensure everyone feels welcome and included. Foster openness and acceptance, where everyone can express themselves and be heard.

- Zero Tolerance for Racism, Discrimination, and Harassment: Any form of racism, discrimination, harassment, or harmful behavior is unacceptable. Report any such incidents to the AIC organizers for appropriate action.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in expulsion from the AIC community and exclusion from future events. We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment and appreciate your cooperation in achieving this goal.


At AIC, we strive to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. We value the active participation of our community in upholding these principles at every event and activity we organize. Together, we can build a strong, diverse, and inclusive community where everyone can grow, learn, and enjoy together.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our guidelines of coexistence, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for being a part of the AIC community and for helping us build a positive and respectful environment for all!