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Welcome to our expat community

Amsterdam is one of the most  vibrant European cities  thanks to its diverse culture, safety, and convenience; that’s why there are so many internationals who want to relocate here. While it is an expensive city, it has proven time and again to have everything that the expat community is looking for.

As a social club, Amsterdam International Community is a foundation that provides a platform with information along with services that will help you succeed at building your new life in the Dutch capital.

We always address the needs of our expat network and, in case we cannot help directly, we always know someone who could.

Thousands of expats in Amsterdam have started their new lives joining one of our events or using our services, and thousands more have solved everyday problems by connecting with us.

Expats in Amsterdam

We believe that expats in Amsterdam represent an incredibly rich and valuable resource. Internationals living here directly and indirectly contribute to the economy of the Netherlands.

We know that being an international (especially if you are new in town) sometime can be a challenge.

AIC offers a range of opportunities from showcasing the best bars, restaurants and social places in the city, to preparing you to get the best out of your life in Amsterdam as an expat.

Connecting people as a social club, we share tips and common passions and contribute to share knowledge and experience to help each other and create valuable connections.

Our approach is to start with social integration, which has a very important meaning to us. We have multiple events per week to enjoy the daylife and nightlife Amsterdam has to offer and share those experiences with the expat network, as well as native Dutch to help enjoy your new town!

We take pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. At AIC, we believe in the power of embracing differences and celebrating cultural, ethnic, and personal uniqueness. We are committed to creating a safe space where respect, inclusion, and coexistence thrive. Learn more about our community guidelines and values of respect and inclusion here. Together, let's build a strong and supportive community that embraces diversity.

Join our expat network

Living and working abroad continues to be part of many people’s lives.

For some it is an opportunity to spend a period working abroad and connecting with like-minded people, for others it is an opportunity to learn from a new culture. Technology can be the global facilitator as people can also operate from anywhere in the world while enjoying a different lifestyle.

Whatever the reason for your interest in a life abroad, we will aid you in accessing the information, tools and services that you need to get the best out of your life abroad.

The expat community and network of AIC counts 35,000 (and counting) group members currently living in the area of Amsterdam.

We can proudly say that we are the biggest expat community in Amsterdam.

Among our social media platforms, we created as well a WhatsApp Community for all our followers. A community built on a variety of WhatsApp groups all based on different topics where people can ask for tips and share their experiences. If you would like to join our community, send us a message!

Join the best expat community and feel free to invite non-expats to our events.

The more the merrier!