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About us

Founded in Amsterdam and run by globally curious people, the foundation Amsterdam International Community (AIC) is the most authentic and active international community platform in the Netherlands. 

Since 2017, AIC has organized various social events and information sessions and shares useful tips to support expats and locals who enjoy living in this stunning city. We are known for creating great experiences—frequent and diverse events designed to promote a space with good vibes that allows people to feel appreciated and to make expat life pleasant for the years to come.

Our events are hosted weekly at various locations in the city, always in a friendly and welcoming environment. Personal attention is key for us. When joining our events, our hosts will personally welcome and introduce  guests to eachother.

AIC founders are internationals who came to the Netherlands for work and are proud to now call this place ‘home’.

Motivated by their experiences and an urge to learn about the world, they created this space for internationals to meet, with the vision of building a community platform as a center-point to support international people’s every-day needs.

Our team is the fuel of our engagement. We are open, diverse and united by our common goal to share fun!




Born in Italy to parents from the North and South of the country. Since 2009 Attila has lived in the Netherlands, where friends have become family.

Attila is an avid traveler, a social addict who enjoys sharing thoughts and laughs. He truly believes that a smile and social attitudes are keys to a happy life.


Event planner, social media, and accountant

Meet Nohely, a vital member of the AIC team.

Hailing from Venezuela, she combines her passions for technology, sports, travel, and animal welfare to deliver outstanding results for the international community in Amsterdam.

With her warm and friendly personality, dedication to the community, and beautiful attitude, Nohely has quickly become an indispensable asset to the AIC team.



Joined the team in 2021 he is now the offical dj of AIC.

The guy that entertains our most fun events is a software Engineer, more of a tech guy, Music person, Bass player, and of course DJ.
Check out his Spotify.



Born in Italy near Bologna, she moved to Amsterdam because she needed a change and she fell in love with the city and her Dutch boyfriend.

Easygoing and sociable, she loves to meet new people with similar music and food tastes to enjoy some Latin music events and explore the variety of restaurants that Amsterdam has to offer.

Tv series binge watcher as profession and animal lover as hobby.
She loves fries and everything with a leopard print.


Trips organizer

Dana takes care of the trips, she plans and organizes them and she also joins the groups in the excursions. She moved to Amsterdam one year ago, from Romania, her home country.

She likes to travel and explore new places and have new experiences. She is very sociable, organized and interested in finding new friends in the Netherlands.



Meet Sony, the tech wizard who treats their gadgets better than their own relationships! With a smartphone in one hand and a steering wheel in the other, they navigate both the digital and literal highways of life.

This adrenaline junkie doesn't just download apps; he downloads excitement. When not hacking machines (even his coffee maker plays EDM beats), he is decoding the mystery of foreign people and tongues, convinced that speaking Klingon might come in handy someday. He is on a quest to meet people from every corner of the globe because swapping travel stories is the only competition they take seriously. In this tech-driven comedy of errors, he always thinks the punchline is only just a click away!


Karaoke queen

Joanna is part of AIC since the very beginning. Soul of our community, you will find her welcoming you at all AIC karaoke events.



Jacopo is a friendly guy from a quaint village near the captivating city of Rome. He's got a knack for strumming melodies on his guitar, finding solace in the strings and rhythms. When he's not lost in musical reverie, you can often catch him with his nose buried in a book, exploring worlds and ideas within the pages. But Jacopo isn't just a solitary soul; he thrives in the company of his pals, cherishing those moments of laughter and camaraderie as they wander the winding streets of their village or sip espresso in cozy cafes. With his easygoing nature and diverse interests, Jacopo adds a touch of warmth and charm to his corner of the world.



He moved from a tiny (and humid) town close to the beautiful Venice to the Lowlands driven by wanderlust.

Convinced that meeting people with different origins and backgrounds can only enrich and expand our vision of life.

Passionate about ethnic food, yoga, and traveling to unknown destinations.

Proudly part of the AIC team since the very beginning!



Jessica takes care of the events dedicated to women.

After living in Italy and Switzerland, she landed in the Netherlands where she made a ton of friends.

Fun, sociable and happy, Jessica brings a beautiful light to all her events.