They base their designs on a three key themes; mood, light, and functionality.

Mood The way you live and the mood you want to create in a space is key to the design foundation. Mood is made up of form, colour and textures. Studio p3 works through these themes to create the desired mood for your space.

Light Light is used to highlight focal areas or create shadow in secondary areas. Studio p3 uses natural light, artificial lighting, as well as, consider how light responds to the materials and surfaces chosen.

Functionality Functionality and flow go hand in hand. They determine which functions need to go where, while always considering the flow of how people will move through the space.

Studio p3 are contemporary and thoughtful designers, who continuously evolve as global design demands change.

The studio is currently based in Amsterdam, with members of the team travelling to London and Cape Town for projects a few times a year.

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