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Jumpfit @ Jumpsquare

 Hey fit people of AIC!

What would you think if we would find a way to  STAY FIT WITH A SMILE? We know how!


Jump Fit is for all the people willing to get more out of jumping on the trampoline than just jumping recreationally.

During the Jump Fit training sessions, you will do all kinds of exercises that you may already know from past trainings, but with different twist! 

Everyone knows a squat, lunge or jumping Jack, but have you ever tried that on a trampoline? That immediately makes it a bit more intensive, but also much more fun! 

Not only the trampolines, but also the rest of the Jump Arena is used during the lessons, we also use tools such as weights, kettle bells and resistance bands. 

In short, put all the fun things you know from the Fitness studios, group lessons, recreational jumping and bootcamp training sessions in a mixer and voilà… then you have the perfect JumpFit cocktail!

  • 1 single lesson: 13.99€ 
  • 10-Benefit Card: 99€
  • Monthly Subscription: 29.99€ * * Excluding a
    one-time subscription fee of 25.00

Do you have an AIC Card? If yes, you are entitled to a 20% 

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    - every Monday from 19 to 20


    Jumpsquare Amsterdam
    Daniël Goedkoopstraat 1, 1096 BD Amsterdam
    Oost (nearby Sparklerweg metro station)